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Good night, Countess: part III


Part III Arthur felt strangely detached as he watched this. His first thought was one of pity for the knight; he imagined she would quickly despatch him, which would at least resolve the situation. But this thought was quickly overtaken by a new, surging sensation, one he hadn’t felt before – and as a strange warmth coursed through his veins from the wound in his leg upwards, his thoughts...

Good night, Countess: part II


PART II It was some time past midnight, after he had intentionally splashed a couple of drops of white candle wax on to the black squares in the chequered flooring, when he sat down on a small sofa in a hidden away, cosy room they called “the snug” -such rooms are generally considered an embarrassment to a certain class of castle-dwelling society. He gulped down a hearty portion of gruel, before...

Good night, Countess: part I


Part I “Good night, Countess,” he droned solemnly, his head bowed slightly but watching his Lady as she swept down the grand staircase and across the slate floor towards the entrance with a flapping of dark, heavy velvet. She held his gaze with her steely grey eyes and said – as she did every night, “Good night, Arthur. Keep the place tidy for me won’t you?” Arthur didn’t reply, but instead...

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